Our production of genuine leather handbags, such as handbags, shoulder bags, shoulder bags, travel bags, clutch bags, backpacks and wallets for men and women, born from the careful selection of raw materials of the highest quality, a meticulous tailoring process and a particular attention to the products useful for the coloring of the articles, in order to obtain a perfect Vintage style.


The Leather Processing Process performed by La Via Firenze begins with the selection, cutting and preparation of the skins of the best calves. After selecting the type of punch according to the model you want to make, you can cut by hand or machine to compose the article; it follows the preparation, which consists in stripping, mastracing, and arranging for coloring.


Before proceeding with coloring, the grinding wheel is performed, which allows a more accurate coloring of the skin. It follows the polishing, then the spring again and finally a last step with the color.


During the assembly phase, it is necessary to prepare the bag for the "dyeing" and "the rib", after which it passes to the seam and to the assembly.


The product passes from check-quality and checked in all its parts, after which it is packaged with labels, warranty mark and bag, depending on the needs of the customer.

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